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How to share an image from Google Drive

My Favorite Shop allows you to share images from a valid internet address or by sharing an image link from Google Drive. In this guide we are going to see how to share images on My Favorite Shop from a Google Drive account.

If you don’t know what Google Drive is, it is a free storage space in its first 15 GB provided by Google when you have an gmail email account.

First and foremost, we must bear in mind that the shared links will be visible to anyone who accesses the link, so, in order to maintain our privacy, it is stongly recommended to establish a folder with the images that we want to share publicly, either the logo of our company, or the photos of the products that we want to offer or show in My Favourite Shop App catalogue.


Open Google Drive

Opening Google Drive on our device (phone, tablet, laptop...) we will see the content of our disk in the cloud as shown in the image.


Add new folder

Once we have navigated to the place where we want to create the new folder, click on the "+" button


Add new folder

Click "Folder" in the Create new dialog.


Name folder

Name for the new folder (for example, Shared images) .


Create the new folder

Click "Create" and we will see our new empty folder.


Create the new folder

Add the images we want to share to the newly created folder.


Change folder visibility

The folder content it is private. Return to My Drive and click on the button as shown in the image.


Share folder

Click on Share in the dialog that will be shown to us. We are sharing ONLY the selected folder.


Share folder

Click on Share in the dialog that will be shown to us.


Change folder settings

Click on "Change" on Who has access screen.


Link settings dialog

Click on Restricted


Share folder

And change Restricted to Anyone with the link.


Folder shared

Now when you go back to My Drive, the folder will show the Shared icon.


Image settings

In our Shared images folder, clicking on the button that shows the image will open a dialog.


Copy image link

Click on Copy link and back to My Favourite Sho app.


Paste the link in the app

The copied link will be used in My Favorite Shop App when we want to display an image in our catalog or include our business logo in the "Home" tab.

Google Drive 15


Now we see the image in our application and it will also be the image that will be displayed in our catalog.

Google Drive 16